24 May 2018 - Steering Commitee Meeting

On the 24th of May 2018, the Steering Committee of the Beneluxa Initiative met in Brussels. On the 25th of  May 2018, the Beneluxa General Assembly took place. A representative of Ireland, at the time in process of joining the Initiative, participated in the Steering Committee meeting.
The following topics were discussed:

1. updates on the on the Initiative’s four Domain Task Forces:

2. Alternative business models to develop medicines (such as the Fair Medicines Initiative)

3. Austria’s planned activities related to pharmaceutical policy under the upcoming EU Presidency

4. Developments concerning the reimbursement of pharmaceuticals in Europe

5. The Beneluxa Initiative has opened a twitter account to announce news and new content on the website. The Beneluxa Initiative twitter can be found at

18 January 2018 - Steering Commitee Meeting

The Steering Committee of the Beneluxa initiative met in Luxembourg on 18 January 2018.

Experiences with joint HTA reports and joint negotiations were assessed, and the planned activities for 2018 in the areas of HTA and pricing and reimbursement were discussed. Topics included a discussion of moving ahead with collaboration in the areas of Horizon Scanning and patient registries.


28 November 2017 - Orientation Meeting on Patient Registries

Policy makers and national patient registry experts from Beneluxa countries, Hungary and the United Kingdom met in Vienna on 28 November 2017 to explore a possible collaboration in the field of patient registries in order to increase efficiency, and enhance evidence generation and information sharing. 

The meeting aimed to identify the challenges and prerequisites for collaboration in the field of patient registries, and ways to move forward. As a supportive exercise, results of a preliminary mapping of patient registries in the member countries of the Beneluxa initiative were presented. As different types of registries exist, key learnings included the need for a clear definition of patient registries and scope in order to determine which type of registry would be appropriate for a potential pilot in the near future. Furthermore, technical and political challenges of a joint registry (e.g. interoperability of datasets, legal framework/collaboration agreements, as well as how necessary information can be collected) were identified. 

The Beneluxa partners will further explore a collaboration in the field of patient registries. 


11 November 2017

Information on the first results of actual joint HTA procedures are available here.


6 September 2017 - Website of the Beneluxa collaboration launched

The competent authorities of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Austria have committed to cooperate in order to contribute towards the sustainable access to medicines in their countries.

Further information on the Beneluxa cooperation can be found on this website, which was launched on September 6, 2017.


27 June 2017 - Meeting on Joint Horizon Scanning

A meeting was organised in Brussels on 27 June 2017 to explore options for potential collaboration between authorities on Horizon Scanning - even beyond the Beneluxa countries.