Joint publication analysing the feasibility of joint HTA between Beneluxa countries

In collaboration with University of Utrecht researchers, an analysis of assessed indications in 4 Beneluxa countries was carried out: Austria, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands. For BE, IE and NL, the conclusions on added benefit and the reasons for any differences in conclusions were analysed for the period 2016-2022. All these were national procedures of HTA, and not joint Beneluxa procedures.
Only 44 (10%) of the 444 included indications were assessed by all four member countries. Between any pair of two countries, the overlap was higher, up to 188 (BE-IE). Added benefit conclusions matched in 67-74% of the indications, depending on the countries compared. In the remaining cases most often a difference on one added benefit level was observed. 
This study shows that collaboration on HTA between the Beneluxa Initiative member countries would likely not result in added benefit conclusions that would be different from added benefit conclusions in national procedures.

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Last update: 19 July 2023