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Price negotiations for cystic fibrosis drug terminated 

The Hague, May the 23rd 2017

The Netherlands and Belgium have decided to end their joint negotiation for Orkambi with the company, because they failed to reach an agreement on an acceptable price. Consequently, the drug will not be reimbursed. The Dutch Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Martin van Rijn, informed parliament today. 

Orkambi is a drug used for the treatment of a specific type of cystic fibrosis (CF). There are approximately 750 patients with this type of CF in the Netherlands. In an evaluation of the drug Orkambi, the Health care Institute Netherlands (Zorginstituut Nederland) advised the Ministry of Health not to reimburse Orkambi because the drug is not cost-effective and furthermore advised them to negotiate the price for Orkambi. These negotiations have been terminated due to a failure to reach an agreement on price. 

Secretary Martin van Rijn: “We would like to make this drug available to patients, also to better understand its potential, and we are prepared to pay a substantial price for this. I hope therefore the company, in the future, is willing to make an acceptable offer”. Van Rijn invites patient organisations and other relevant stakeholders, including doctors and researchers, for further consultation.  


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