Beneluxa Webinar on Alzheimer’s Disease: Exploring New Horizons in Treatment

On 6th June 2024, a Beneluxa scoping webinar on Alzheimer’s disease organized by the Dutch National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland), in collaboration with Beneluxa’s Domain Task Force “Information-Sharing”, was held. Around 30 experts, representing prescribers, public payers such as health insurers, and patient organizations, of the five Beneluxa countries participated.

The purpose of the webinar was to understand the evolving landscape of Alzheimer's disease treatment and to gather insights from experts. This collaborative discussion serves as input for potential collaboration of Beneluxa countries concerning the introduction of new Alzheimer's products in the health systems.

Participating prescribers, public payers and patient representatives discussed challenges and prerequisites for introducing Alzheimer treatments currently in the pipeline, by sharing their views on the potential of these new medicines to improve the quality of life for patients and on implications of these treatments on the organization of care.

This webinar marks a significant step in exploring the potential of Beneluxa’s collaboration to better comprehend the potential impacts of these new treatments.


Last update: 26 June 2024