Beneluxa-ministers meet in the margin of EPSCO Health

The health ministers from the countries participating in the Beneluxa-initiative met during the EPSCO meeting on November 30th to exchange on their collaboration. Focus of their discussion were Managed Entry Agreements and External Reference Pricing. All ministers agree on the importance of collaboration on these, and other, topics. 

They highlighted the effective collaboration within Beneluxa, but also the need to continue reaching out to other stakeholders and similar initiatives or partnerships. 

The meeting was also an occasion to hand over the chairmanship of the Beneluxa-initiative from Belgium to the Netherlands. The outgoing Belgian chair is confident that the Dutch colleagues will fulfil the chairman’s role with competence and enthusiasm. Further, for the first time, a vice-chair for the Beneluxa-Initiative has been nominated, that is Ireland.




Last update: 01 December 2023