Steering Committee of the Beneluxa Initiative (May 2019)

On May 15th 2019 the Steering Committee of the Beneluxa Initiative met to discuss the following topics.

  • The next steps for the International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI)
  • Ongoing activities of the Beneluxa Initiative, among which selection of new candidates for joint HTA and potential joint negotiations
  • Strategic ways to move forward with the activities of the Beneluxa Initiative
  • Transparency of prices.
    The members of the Beneluxa Initiative highly value transparency as a key contributor to achieving sustainability of access to medicines. Transparency will assist in improving insight into the inner workings of the pharmaceutical value chain. We strongly support access to data generated by clinical research, including negative and inconclusive outcomes. We welcome a wide debate on these topics and further discussion at international level. The first concrete step should be to create price transparency among countries.


Last update: 16 May 2019