Beneluxa General Assembly 28 June 2023

At the end of June 2023, the Beneluxa Initiative organised its biggest General Assembly meeting yet. Over 40 participants joined us at the lively city centre of Dublin, Ireland.
The overarching theme of the meeting was Collaboration: Collaboration on different levels and in different forms. We discussed how to collaborate with regard to IHSI and the European HTA regulation; and insights were shared from other international collaborations. The theme of collaboration was not only reflected in the agenda, but also in the participants.
We were pleased to welcome delegates from the European Commission who enlightened us on the pharmaceutical strategy and on the EC proposal on pharmaceutical legislation, with a clear focus on the impact and possibilities for international collaboration. 
Colleagues from the International Horizon Scanning Initiative joined us to guide our discussion on how to jointly optimise the use of the IHSI database and the High Impact Reports.
We discussed, with insight information from the HTA coordination group, how the Beneluxa Initiative and its members can prepare and what opportunities might be generated from the EU HTA regulation for the Beneluxa Initiative.
Representatives from the Finose group and the Nordic Pharmaceutical Forum joined us as well, which was an excellent opportunity to share experiences but also reflect on how cooperation between collaboration can be optimised.
The Irish Minister for Health Mr. Stephen Donnelly TD honoured our group with a live visit, to express his support for the Initiative and emphasise the opportunities of an international collaboration, such as the Beneluxa Initiative.
And, perhaps most importantly, the meeting also proved to be an excellent networking opportunity.
We want to send a warm thank you to all attendees and we hope to repeat our success next year.

Genera Assembly Picture

Last update: 03 July 2023