Information Sharing

The Beneluxa initiative aims to cooperate through sharing of information and exchange of experience on pharmaceutical policy practice. In particular, possible best-practice examples will be explored.

Webinar on transparency on January 28th 2020

To follow up on the recent discussions on transparency, including those related to the World Health Assembly Resolution “Improving the transparency of markets for medicines, vaccines, and other health products” in May 2019, the Beneluxa members discussed different dimensions and aspects of transparency to explore possibilities to improve transparency and access to medicines.

Webinar on managed-entry agreements on June 5th 2019

In this webinar, the Beneluxa member countries exchanged their experiences and practice with the use of managed-entry agreements in their countries. 

Webinar on biosimilars on April 6th 2018 

On 6 April 2018, a webinar was held to facilitate an in-depth discussion on biosimilars with policy makers and biosimilar experts from member countries of the Beneluxa initiative. 
The event aimed to identify measures and practices shown to be effective in promoting biosimilar uptake among the four member countries. In addition, results of a mapping exercise on the biosimilar landscape (current regulations, initiatives and uptake) in the member countries were presented.

Orientation Meeting on Patient Registries on November 28th 2017

Policy makers and national patient registry experts from Beneluxa countries, Hungary and the United Kingdom met in Vienna on 28 November 2017 to explore a possible collaboration in the field of patient registries in order to increase efficiency, and enhance evidence generation and information sharing. 
The meeting aimed to identify the challenges and prerequisites for collaboration in the field of patient registries, and ways to move forward. As a supportive exercise, results of a preliminary mapping of patient registries in the member countries of the Beneluxa initiative were presented. As different types of registries exist, key learnings included the need for a clear definition of patient registries and scope in order to determine which type of registry would be appropriate for a potential pilot in the near future. Furthermore, technical and political challenges of a joint registry (e.g. interoperability of datasets, legal framework/collaboration agreements, as well as how necessary information can be collected) were identified. 
The Beneluxa partners will further explore a collaboration in the field of patient registries.