Horizon Scanning

1. Horizon Scanning – A joint interest

After having experimented with joint Horizon Scanning, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria have started an open joint initiative, on Horizon Scanning. The aim is to highlight important pharmaceutical innovations before they reach the market. We continuously gather data and analyze research and literature. This improves our insight in expected costs, it enables timely decision making and (joint) price negotiations.

In January 2022 the DTF Horizon Scanning published a report on pharmaceutical developments on Alzheimer’s Disease.

2. Joint Horizon Scanning – a separate initiative

Many countries have expressed a need for early access to information on the development of innovative pharmaceutical products. 
The Belgian Health Care Knowledge Centre (KCE) performed a study on Horizon Scanning. This study shows the importance of a broad collaboration.

Therefore, in the new Horizon Scanning Initiative, which is to be operational in 2022, we want to involve as many countries as possible

The outline of the new initiative was presented on June 27, 2017. Many EU member states and several non-EU countries attended the presentation, as well as representatives of the European Commission, the OECD and the WHO.

Given the complex nature of Horizon Scanning, and given the equal benefit of the results for all participating countries, we invite interested countries to join us. (This does not require full participation in the Beneluxa Initiative)

Link to the official website of the International Horizon Scanning Initiative: https://ihsi-health.org/

3. Working together in times of COVID-19: Horizon Scanning System for medicines and vaccines

The Austrian Institute for Health Technology Assessment GmbH established a Horizon Scanning System for COVID-19 medicines and vaccines and published the first report in April 2020.

The living document is planned to be updated on a monthly basis. 

Link to the report: http://eprints.aihta.at/1234/